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The stable

Kabóka Lovastanya offers excellent opportunities for horse riding, fishing and active leisure time. The Varga family operates and cares for the Equestrian Farm and its associated fish ponds, forest areas and fields.

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The Kabóka Equestrian Center offers an excellent opportunity for equestrian sports and active leisure time. The Varga family operates and cares for the Equestrian Farm and its associated fish ponds, forest areas and fields. The smaller family circle, who can usually be found around the farm: parents József and Edit, Péter (tourism), Attila (veterinarian) and Balázs (field farmer, show jumping competitor). Anikó, Petra and Viki are the wives, and the many children: Nóri, Kata, Szofi, Frejka, Hunor, Lili, Luca, Lotti. Almost all of the children ride horses.

The horses

The parents have always been big supporters of animal husbandry, and if they could, they always had one or two horses nearby. Over the years, we children also grew up in the careful treatment of animals and fell in love with this way of life. Accordingly, all three brothers are closely related to animals, Péter through equestrian tourism, Attila because of his profession as a veterinarian, and Balázs through regular daily horseback riding. Balázs Varga and Kata Varga are show jumping competitors.

Competitive sport

We started the construction of the stable in 1995, and since 2001 we have been living here together with the horses. Over the years, we have continuously improved our services and expanded our buildings as our financial resources and tender opportunities allowed. Although we still have further ideas regarding the developments, today the horse stable has become a complex, rest area suitable for spending active free time. It is worth visiting our gallery, where the pictures clearly illustrate the great recreation opportunities.

Our developments

Through our latest developments, we have expanded the capacity of our accommodations by building guesthouses. A long-awaited building has been completed, in which a wellness center and a game room have been created. With the help of LEADER tenders, our dining building became fully air-conditioned and a 90 m2 covered room was built, which serves as a venue for events and group sessions. In the future, we aim to develop lake sports equipment and fishing. Finally, a bit of nostalgia, the picture was taken in 2004.

"Lots of programs"

“We would like to thank Péter, Aniko and their colleagues for the time we spent here. The weather was not in our favor, but they did their best, they dazzled us with a lot of programs at the forest school. Thank you very much!!!!!!”


"In safety"

“A child-friendly holiday! A place where you can know your offspring safely, even if you can’t see them!”


"Child friendly"

“Friendly, kind service, child-friendly place. We spent two very pleasant days here. Thank you very much!”


"I miss you"

“We spent a pleasant weekend at your place. We just came from your place and already miss you!! Thank you!”


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