For classes

For classes

All year long, we welcome applications from schools for our forest school programs. We organize one of the most atmospheric school camps in the country, where the organizers can choose from an inexhaustible program library. There is a one-day excursion option for kindergartens and also for schools that do not have several days of recreation.

Kabóka Lovastanya is located only 15 km from Lake Balaton, an hour's drive from Budapest. Two hundred hectares of landscape dotted with forests, meadows and fish ponds awaits visiting groups. The landscape of incomparable beauty and the numerous recreational opportunities provide an unforgettable experience.

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You can choose from 3-4 organized programs per day. Programs are discussed upon arrival, on the spot, taking into account the weather conditions.

Our programs include a presentation of the Stables, riding, a short interesting presentation about horses, fishing opportunities, archery, microscopy, clay, discus, pottery firing, treasure hunting tours, organization of contests, karaoke, music contest, one-minute-and-win game, multi-functional sports field , pool use, ping-pong, foosball table, electric darts, target shooting with a paintball gun, cycling, water programs: canoeing, water biking, motorboating and hose pulling with a jet ski, water bomb battle, astronomy, evening campfire.

Detailed program options

Our innovations

Four-season horse tracks, leisure center with renovated dining room, solar park, artificial grass sports field, three-tower adventure castle, bike park, recreational playground, wellness for teachers, new guest house, air conditioning in the dining building.

Accommodation information

Annual opening hours

Next to the M7

Free wifi

116 seats

Reservation for classes

Január 1. – Június 15. Augusztus 29. – December 31.
Általános iskola 7. osztálytól + 600 Ft/fő/éj

1 night with full board for groups HUF 18,700/person/1 night
2 nights with full board for groups HUF 33,200/person/2 nights
3 nights with full board for groups HUF 48,900/person/3 nights
4 nights with full board for groups HUF 64,000/person/4 nights
Price of additional nights HUF 16,000/person/night

June 16 - August 28
Primary school from 7th grade + HUF 600/person/night

For groups using 2 or 3 nights with full board HUF 18,700/person/night
4 nights with full board for groups HUF 64,000/person/4 nights
5 nights with full board for groups HUF 80,000/person/5 nights
6 nights with full board for groups HUF 96,000/person/6 nights
Price of additional nights HUF 16,000/person/1 night

Prices include VAT! They also include accommodation, three meals a day and participation in the programs!

Memories of our classes


Over 20 children, 1 teacher is free, over 40 children, 2 teachers are free, other accompanying adults pay the price of children.


If the class comes to us by public transport, we can go to the following stations with our own 50-passenger bus:

LEPSÉNY-KABÓKA, KABÓKA-LEPSÉNY (railway station): HUF 60,000
SIÓFOK-KABÓKA, KABÓKA-SIÓFOK (railway or bus station): HUF 70,000
ENYING-KABÓKA, KABÓKA-ENYING (bus station): HUF 25,000



The prices include accommodation and three meals, except for 1 night half board, which includes two meals, dinner (cold) and breakfast. The prices include a children’s meal.
The price includes the participation in the programs and the use of the pool and the sports field! We provide daily cleaning in the children’s rooms.


Some of our most interesting programs


  1. Riding
  2. Skill obstacle course
  3. Equestrian skills competition
  4. Archery
  5. Triathlon competition
  6. Sports competition / string ball / volleyball
  7. Kabóka’s strongest man tasks
  8. Horse swimming
  9. META
  10. Fishing
  11. Running in a runway
  12. Kabóka SPARTA
  13. Water competitions


  1. Big tour/small tour
  2. Treasure hunt for little ones
  3. Night horror tour
  4. Enying Discovery Tour
  5. Fox hunting
  6. Night horse ride


  1. Lake programs: water bike, canoe, hose pulling, boating
  2. Xbox dance
  3. Party, karaoke


  1. Paintball
  2. Ropeway
  3. Kabóka’s best rider tasks
  4. Dragon flying
  5. Wartburg obstacle race
  6. One minute and you win
  7. Bicycle obstacle race


  1. Horse beauty pageant
  2. Clay, discus


  1. Campfire
  2. Room to escape
  3. Music competition
  4. Activity
  5. Team building tasks
  6. Row races
  7. War of numbers


  1. Equestrian presentation
  2. Microscopy
  3. Astronomy

School reservation

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    January 1 – June 19 and August 29 – December 31

    Arrival: between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., we can hand over the rooms after 3:00 p.m. Until then, we will provide programs for the group.

    Check-out: between 9.00 and 10.00 a.m. You have to move out of the rooms after breakfast.

    We provide lunch and dinner on the first day, and breakfast on the last day, in the case of full board.

    June 20 – August 28

    Arrival: between 15.00 and 16.00,

    Departure: between 14.00 and 15.00, you have to move out of the rooms after breakfast.

    We provide dinner on the first day, as well as lunch and breakfast on the last day, in the case of full board.


    • Buffet breakfast (cold meats, cheeses, vegetables, butter, jam, cereal, rolls, milk, tea, cocoa)
    • Lunch is delivered by the local Enying restaurant, the daily menu consists of soup and main course.
    • The dinner menu: hot dogs, hot sandwiches, liver cream, cold food.
    • It is possible to order a hot meal for dinner on the first day or for every dinner, the price of which is HUF 900/person.
    • We also cater for people with food allergies. In the event of a more complicated/complex food allergy, we ask that the parent send the food to the child, which will be prepared in the kitchen according to the request. In this case, we will deduct the price of the meals.


    • Please inquire about the room allocation, as several types (student hostels, boarding houses, apartments) and number of rooms (from 12 beds to 2 beds) are available.There is no difference in price! The type of accommodation they will be placed in depends on the number of staff and the shift change.
    • If the department wants a specific type of accommodation, it will incur an additional cost. It is 15% of the total amount of the trip calculated based on the number of people entered on the day of the reservation. The total value of this does not change during the staffing adjustment (+/- people).
    • Within the school, if two or more classes are booked at the same time, be sure to ask for the planned room assignment, in order to avoid further misunderstandings.
    • We reserve the right to change the type of accommodation and the room assignment, even in the event of a change in staff! This does not apply to the group that paid the extra cost.
    • Upon request, we will send the final room assignment and the type of accommodation 1 month before arrival.
    • Bed linen is provided, children must bring towels.


    • The deposit invoice and the final invoice will be issued in the name of the person who initiated the deposit transfer (the name of the school and the class will appear on the invoice).
    • If the school receives support from the Foundation, we would need a statement from the President of the Foundation about how much the group is supporting. In the absence of this, we cannot issue the invoice in the name of the Foundation. We can provide an invoice for accommodation and meals, the accommodation fee includes the programs. You can find a sample declaration below, which must be handed over to our colleague on the day of arrival.


    • You can pay on site with a bank card or in cash.
    • If you want to transfer the amount, please let me know 2 days before arrival, because you will be able to transfer it after the invoice is issued, which we will issue and send to you in advance. The transfer, in all cases, the person initiating the deposit transfer, and please indicate the serial number of the invoice in the notification.
    • We do not accept payment by Szép card.


    • From January 1, 2020, data on all guests must be provided to NTAK (National Tourist Information Center). We will provide you with this in the form of a table. We will need the following data: the guest’s name, gender, mother’s name, place and time of birth, nationality, official identity card number, country of residence and postal code.
    • As of September 1, 2021, the official identity card (identity card, passport or driver’s license) of every guest over the age of 14 must be scanned, and the data will also be forwarded to NTAK. Therefore, it is important that you have the ID card specified in the table on the day of your arrival. It is advisable to check before starting your journey.
    • A guest/child who has reached the age of 14 and does not have an official ID card on the day of arrival: According to MTÜ’s legal position, this case corresponds to when the guest does not show up at the accommodation at the start time of the service. In the event that the guest does not present his documents, the general rules for breach of contract and the rules for cancellation of accommodation apply.
    • You can find our data protection information below.


    • Information and statement for class teachers/parents below
    • Foundation statement below
    • Please print and sign the declarations and bring them with you upon arrival. The declarations can be downloaded below.



    Do you have a question?
    Contact us with confidence!

    +36 30 746 1544

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